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Here is some information provided by Seattle Laptop in relation to repairing Mac Pro's

Mac Pro Video Card Information:

2006 to 2007 Mac Pro - The RV630 256 Mb Radeon HD2600Video Card works in a 2006/2007. The Apple part number for this video card is 630-8924

2008 Mac Pro- We found the Genuine Apple nVidia 8800GT 512MB Video Card for the Mac Pro, Apple Part Number 630-9368 works fine in our 2008. The 630-8924 works in our 2006 / 2007 but not in our test 2008 Mac Pro unfortunately.


In Seattle Laptop services all of the different models, and have repair manuals, and all of the repair expertice needed to sevice the Mac Pro. From ram cards, to ram upgrades, Mac Pro compatible video cards, and custom configuration. We can in many cases even load custom MacOS on machines not designed to run newer operating systems.

If your Mac Pro needs help, let us know and we will do all we can to get it up and running like a champ.

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