Recycling for Alzheimers

Donation Totals Submitted to Alzheimer's of Washington State

Here is a list of all of the donations we have submitted to the Washington State Chapter of The Alzheimer's Association.

Our Recycling for Alzheimer's program began on 6-8-2017, and Seattle Laptop made the first donation ourselves in the amount of $250. As Seattle Laptp begins making regular donations we will list the totals, and donors (if requested) here.

Remember you can always make a donation directly to the Alzheimer's Association at: Donation Page.

Seattle Laptop accepts laptops, desktops, Macbooks, iMacs, cameras, cell phones, stereos, and other electronics for recycling. We also accept lcd monitors.
We do not take televisions at this time. For printers, and tube type monitors there is a small $10 recycling fee. We are required to pay to dispose of these items. Seattle Laptop securely wipes all data from recycled computers.

Thank You

Daniel Wagoner
Seattle Laptop Inc.

Recycle For Alzheimers Seattle

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