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Seattle Laptop Repairs Desktop Computers: For many years Seattle Laptop has been repairing desktop computers. We carry a large inventory of desktop motherboards, video cards, and ram for testing purposes, and can repair just about any desktop computer problem quickly. Desktop Computer Repair experts are on staff. We also perform computer upgrades, hard drive upgrades, and hard drive cloning service. We also have affordable data back-up and data recovery services.

Computer Motherboard Repair: Many desktop computers that may need a repair will have proprietary power supplies, obscure motherboards, and other parts that may go bad. Sometimes replacing these parts to perform a computer repair can be very expensive. In many cases Seattle Laptop can actually repair the problem with a failed part like a damaged motherboard. Repairing a bad motherboard is far less expensive than replaceing it.We replace capacitors, and other components to do motherboard repair on desktop computers, and of course laptops.

Free Desktop Repair Consulting - If your desktop computer is having problems, and needs repaired, you can bring it in, and at no charge we will plug it in, turn it on, check it out, and discuss the many repair options available. Seattle Laptop's staff will plug in your computer, and turn it on if it does power on, and see what kinds of problems it is experiencing. We will try to figure out what options would make the most sense for our customers when it comes to repairing their computers.

Desktop Computer Data Backup: Seattle Laptop also can back up a customer's data, reload their operating systems, and fix software problems. and Windows corruption, and failed Windows updates.
If your desktop computer is having problems and needs repair give Seattle Laptop a call.


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