Laptop MacBook and Desktop Repair

For over 20 years, Seattle Laptop has been buying, selling, and servicing laptops, desktops, and MacBooks / Powerbooks. We opened our doors in 1996 as Seattle Laptop, and have serviced over 50,000 customer's laptops, desktops, and MacBooks since then. Our service is outstanding, and our prices are reasonable. We have survived for this long because of one reason. We care about our customers, and do all we can to solve their laptop and computer needs for an affordable price.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, and we are geared to do emergency laptop, desktop and MacBook repair. We carry most common laptop and desktop repair parts in stock, as well as parts for our MacBook repair service. Many of our customers need their machines fixed immediately, and we offer "Red Carpet" and "Express" service for customers who can't be without their laptops. We also offer service loaner laptops, and laptop leasing.

Seattle Laptop Inc. 7525 Aurora Ave N. Seattle WA 98103.    Call 206-784-4215

We are open:
11 - 4       Tuesday - Sat
Closed -    Sunday - Monday