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Liquid Damaged Macbook Repair

Seattle Laptop specializes in the repair of liquid damaged Macbooks and laptops. Our technicians are experienced at removing corrosion caused by liquid spills, and repairing and replacing corroded, or shorted out components on motherboards, and logicgoards. We can also replace liquid damaged keyboards, touchpads, palmrests, screens, and of course logic boards and laptop motherboards.

If your Macbook or laptop has had any kind of liquid spilled on it, the sooner we can begin repair and cleaning, the better the chances are that we can fix the damage. In most cases the liquid will begin to cause corrosion, and damage the logic board within a few hours after a spill. Macbooks also corrode faster in many cases when there is power from the battery going to the logic board, and the battery should be unplugged immediately. If you can unplug the battery immediately do that, and if you can't come into Seattle Laptop and we will take care of it on the spot.

If your Macbook or laptop has had damage caused by liquid give Seattle Laptop a call, or bring it in. The sooner you can get your laptop or Macbook to us the better your chances are we can fix it. Even if the liquid spill happened a while ago, we can usually repair the damage, and fix your machine.

We have in stock most common parts to fix liquid damaged Macbooks, Macbook Retina, and Macbook Air laptops, and can usually repair a damaged laptop quickly. Even if the liquid spill happened some time ago, in almost all cases we can still fix your MacBook, or laptop.
If it is not possible to fix your Macbook, we can still back up your data in most cases. Liquid will not usually damage the hard drive on a Macbook, or a laptop, and we can probably get the data backed up.


liquid damaged macbook

This is a picture of corrosion on a MacBook's logic board caused by a liquid spill. We were actually able to fix this MacBook, and replace the shorted out components, and it is probably still working today.

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