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About Our Used Laptop Spec Spreadsheet : Seattle Laptop's keeps in stock at all times many common models of laptops. We normally carry Lenovo Thinkpads, Dell Latitudes, and MacBooks. Below is our standard used laptop pricing spreadshet. The prices reflect a used laptop in fair condition without any major flaws. If the laptops are upgraded with larger hard drives, or more ram, or any other feature, the price will reflect it.

Used Laptop Pricing Changes Constantly : We purchase large quantities of laptops constantly and in many cases we will mark down the price of certain models because we have such a large inventory. These models are usually listed below.

Laptop Sale : Right now Seattle Laptop is having a huge Laptop Blowout Sale! All of our used laptops are on sale at this time, and marked down considerably. All of our refurbished laptops have their prices discounted $20 to $100 per laptop. We may have other used laptops on special with our daily walk in specials too!

Trade In Your Used Laptop : Seattle Laptop always accepts used laptop trade-ins. Is it time to upgrade your old laptop to a far better and faster one?





Model Specs Ram HD OS Price Sale Final Price
Thinkpad T61 Core2 Duo T7250 2.0 Ghz 2 80 7 HP 32 179 -20 159

Call 206-784-4215 with any questions about our used laptops. We have a lot more laptops in stock than the ones shown here, and we are more than happy to discuss our current used laptop, and used MacBook, and desktop inventory. We can also customize any used laptop, MacBook, or desktop for your needs.

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