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Seattle Laptop Repairs Mac Pros: Our company services all of the different models of the Mac Pro from the 2006 / 2007 to the newer machines. We even repair the PowerMac G5. A lot of customers have old Pre-Intel software that won't run on the newer Mac Pros, and we keep their Power PC Macs working. Seattle Laptop havs most Mac Pro repair parts in stock, including power supplies, ram boards, and genuine Apple video cards for all applications from daily computing to intense graphics. We also stock Mac Pro backplane boards, and cpu board and processor upgrades. We specialize in Macbook repair, as well as iMac, and Mac Pro repair.


All Mac Pro Models Serviced: Seattle Laptop services all of the different models of Mac Pros, and we have repair manuals, and all of the repair expertice needed to sevice your Mac Pro. From ram cards, to ram upgrades, and custom configuration.

We Can Help With Your Mac Pro Problems: If your Mac Pro needs help, let us know and we will do all we can to get it up and running like a champ.

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Mac Pro Versatility: One of the best features of the Mac Pro is the fact that it has 4 hard drive bays, and the ability to add additional hard drives in the optical drive bays, or on Pci-e SATA cards. We have Mac Pros that boot to an SSD drive on a Pci-e card, and can have up to 4 different data or raid hard drives additionally. A user can also load a different MacOS on different drives, and boot up to which hard drive, and MacOS they need to run certain applications. We have had a number of customers that had Yosemite, or El Capitan running on their older Mac Pros, and wanted a newer machine. We just took the hard drive from their old Mac, and installed it in a newer machine. They hit the option key on boot up, and they could choose what drive to boot to. They had the new MacOS, and their older MacOS at their fingertips. The Mac Pro is extremely versatile, and upgradable.

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