MacBook Battery Repair

Macbook Battery Repair: For over 25 years Seattle Laptop has specialized in MacBook Battery Repair and Replacement. We replace batteries in all models of Macbooks. Macbook Air, Macbook Retina, and Macbook Pro. We replace batteries in PC laptops as well. We have serviced many thousand MacBooks since we opened in 1996. This means we have replaced batteries in PowerBooks, G3's, G4's, and G5's over the years. Then along comes the Macbook in 2006. From the White Macbooks to the Aluminums. From The Macbooks, to the Macbook Pro's. Then there was the Macbook Air's, and then the Macbook Pro Retinas. Now we have the Macbook Retina Air. All of these Macbooks have batteries that go bad over time. Who is around to fix bad Macbook Batteries? Seattle Laptop of course. All of our MacBook battery repairs are guaranteed of course. Complete customer satisfaction is our constant goal.

Macbook Battery Replacement: Our prices for Macbook battery replacements are very reasonable, and the expericnce of our Mac Techs is unmatched. Every single Macbook has a different battery style, and in some cases the logicboard needs to be partially removed to install a new battery. We do not recommend fokls who are not comfortable replacing logicboards in Retinas try to service their bad or swollen battery.

Seattle Laptop Carries Most Macbook Batteries: Our Macbook Repair Department has in stock most Macbook batteries. When we replace a bad battery in a Macbook the normal turn around is 3 to 5 days. We offer Express Service and can in most cases replace a bad Macbook Battery on the same day, or within 24 hours. We offer quick Macbook Battery Replacement Service, so we keep almost all Macbook Batteries in stock at all times. I can't think of another store in Seattle who carries in stock all Macbook Batteries and offers 24 hour replacement service. We do try at Seattle Laptop.

Swollen Macbook Battery: If the battery in your Macbook is starting to swell up it can damage the machine. If not repaired the swollen Macbook battery will damage the touchpad for starters. Replacing touchpads on Macbooks is not easy, but if your bad battery has damaget the touchpad we can still fix it, along with the battery. If you notice your Macbook is not sitting flat this means in most cases the battery is bad. It is beginning to swell up and distort the case. It needs replaced immediately.

Service Battery Warning: If you go to power preferences all MacOs will list the condition of the battery. If the condition is normal your are probably ok, even though we have seen swollen batteries over the years where the MacOS reported the condition normal / good. If the condition is listed as Replace Soon, we recommend repairing and replacing the battery before it swells up and causes damage.

Call Seattle Laptop For Macbook Battery Replacement Questions: We are happy to answer all your questions regarding replacing and repairing bad Macbook Batteries. We have repaired hundreds of Macbook Batteries and can do yours quickly.

Call For Macbook Battery Availability: Many of our customers can not go without their Macbook for very long. We keep in stock all Macbook Replacement Batteries, but if you are planning on having us fix your Macbook's battery you are welcome to call ahead and make sure we have two or three batteries in stock before you come in.

Seattle Laptop Is Seattle's Number One Macbook Battery Repair Store: Since we carry the batteries in stock and can repair the bad battery in your Macbook fast, this makes us #1 for Macbook Battery Repair!

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