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Seattle Laptop - Laptop Motherboard Repair

We Repair Laptop Motherboards: If your laptop isn't turning on and does not appear to be getting power, we will probably be able to repair it. Seattle Laptop specializes in laptop motherboard repair, and laptop power problem repair. We actually take the system board out of your laptop and find the failed components and replace them. Even if you smelled smoke or saw a spark we can usually repair your laptop's motherboard.

Another common cause of a laptop not getting power and not turning on is the powerjack on the motherboard. The AC Adapter may be plugged into the back of your laptop, but the power jack could be broken, and the laptop can't get any power. Seattle Laptop repairs laptops with broken power jacks, and broken power harnesses daily. Often we will find that a laptop's system board had a broken power jack, but when the power jack was replaced, the laptop still won't turn on. When power jacks break, they short out the system board sometimes, and either burn up the copper traces on the motherboard, or short out and damage other components, including fuses, and filters. Most of the time we can locate these problems, and repair them at no extra charge.

If your laptop is getting power from the adapter, and the battery charging light comes on, but when you try to turn the laptop on, nothing happens you may have some other type of problem. This can be caused by a number of things, from a bad power button, to a loose power cable, or a broken connector, or just a bad system board. Unfortunately certain models are known to have screws come loose inside the laptop, and these can short out the system boards also. One of these laptops is the HP DV1000. We have found over a dozen of these machines that had a screw that had come loose and shorted out the system board. When it was removed, the laptop worked flawlessly. If you have a laptop that just won't turn on, Seattle Laptop may need to disassemble it to find out what is causing the power problem. Most of the time we will be able to fix a laptop that appears to be completely dead.

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