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Laptop Repair - Laptop CPU Fan Repair

Laptop CPU Fan Repair : If the fan in your laptop or Macbook has become loud, or has stopped working, Seattle Laptop will be more than happy to repair, or replace it. In some laptop models replacing the CPU Fan is not hard, and the replacement fans are not that expensive. On other models a new replacement fan may be well over $100 our cost, if it can be found, and in order to install it, a laptop's system board needs to be removed, which involves a fairly high labor charge.

When it comes to quoting prices for laptop CPU Fan replacement, it all depends on the model, the cost of the fan, and the amount of labor your specific laptop requires for replacing the fan. There are a few common models of laptops that are extremely difficult to find replacement CPU Fans for. Some models of HP and IBM laptops are very difficlut to find replacement fans for. We only put new fans into customer's laptops, unless a new fan can't be found, and we have discussed putting the only fan avaiable in their laptop. Some Sony, and HP models have fans that are available, but very expensive. Sometimes the price is high because the fan comes with the heat sink.

In the past we have seen laptops have overheating problems because for some reason the heat sink has failed, and replacing the heat sink fixed the problem.

If your laptop appears to be overheating, and you fan does not appear to come on, be aware that the problem may not be the fan. Most laptops have some sort of thermal sensor, either in the processor, or close to the processor that controls the fan's operation. On about 10% of the laptops we have seen with "fan" problems, installing a new fan did not fix the problem. This is rare, but it does happen. Repair of the thermal sensor is very difficult, and we may, or may not be able to do it.