Laptop Repair - Screen Problems

Laptop Screen Repair : Laptop screens can fail at any time for a variety of reasons. From developing lines, to turning white, or going dim, the range of problems laptop screens can have is long. The best way to determine if the problem is the screen, and not the inverter, the video card, the system board, or a bad video cable is to install a compatible screen in the laptop, and test it thoroughly.

Screens may have intermittant problems, and moving, or twisting the screen can also cause it to become unuseable. In many cases the connection between the video cable and the screen fails, and because of age, a slight amount of corrosion, or oxidization of the parts, reseating the cable may repair the problem. This may work temporarily, or it may fix the problem for good. Cleaning the connectors on the video cable is not practical, and replacing the screen, or the video cable, and in some cases both parts may be what it takes to solve this problem.

When laptops are manufactured a certain model may come with more than one screen option, and quite often the screens have different resolutions, and connectors, and are not compatible. The best way to determine what kind of screen your laptop uses is to remove it, and replace it with an identical screen, or a compatible one. In some cases compatible screens look better than the original, and sometimes they don't look quite as good. The difference may be minor, or in some cases you can really tell the difference.

Diagnosing laptop screen problems sometimes is not easy, because laptops can have an inverter that works for days or weeks without a problem, and then it becomes intermittant, and a screen will go dim every few minutes, days, or weeks. A laptop may also have a failing video card, or a system board problem that is intermittant, and these problems can appear to be screen problems to a laptop's owner.

Even though replacing the screen in some laptops is fairly easy, other models are practically impossible. We recommend taking your laptop to a qualified technician if it has screen problems. If you decide to try to fix your failing screen yourself remember to take the battery out. In many cases the inverter is hot, and can easily be shorted out, causing system board failure.

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