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Laptop Repair - Laptop Won't Load Windows

Laptop Windows Won't Load Problem Repair : If your laptop turns on, but Windows won't load up, or start up, this can be caused by many different things. The most common problems causing Windows to not load, or Mac OS for that matter is a failing hard drive. When a hard drive begins to go bad, and your operating system gets corrupted, your Windows may not load, or will have all types of othe problems like blue screening, or freezing. Windows may also start loading and never go all the way, or it may stop with an error message, blue screen, or just reboot over and over. Quite often we can remove the hard drive, and if it is not too damaged we can get most, or all of a customer's data off of it using forensic data backup software. We have a multitude of different software utilities for retrieving data from failing, or failed hard drives. If the data is extremely corrupted this process may take time, up to days for these utilities to run.

Another common problem that will keep Windows from loading is virus infections. Some malicious viruses corrupt a laptop's operating system, and Windows just crashes when it is trying to load. Quite often we can clean the infection, and repair Windows, but in most cases it is cheaper, and easier to back up the data (after cleaning the viruses) format the hard drive, and reload the Windows from scratch. This is the best way to guarantee all virus infections are removed. This is also in most cases the best value for our customers. If they want us to try to repair Windows, and we are not successful, they need to pay for the labor for attempting to repair the Windows, and then pay for data backup, and reloading the operating system.

If there is software that can't be replaced, or other reasons why a customer doesn't want Seattle Laptop to wipe their drive, and load Windows, or Mac OS from scratch, we can usually get the laptop to work better, or perfectly, but not always. There is no way we can guarantee a heavily infected laptop with corrupt Windows won't have problems if we don't completely reload Windows from scratch.

Seattle Laptop has many utilites we can run to repair a corrupt Windows installation. We have been able to get thousands of laptops to boot over the years by using repair utilities, and not having to reload Windows from scratch.